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Equipoise Boldenone

Equipoise Boldenone

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Equipoise is the brand/trade name for the anabolic steroid Boldenone, which is an oil-based injectable anabolic steroid with the Undecylenate ester attached to it for a prolonged release rate and half-life. It is a derivative of Testosterone that retains Testosterone’s anabolic strength but exhibits a reduced androgenic effect in comparison.

Equipoise is primarily a veterinary product, originally intended for use in animals. Equipoise has gained popularity with bodybuilders and athletes as a less androgenic form of Testosterone with less Estrogenic activity than Testosterone as well. Many users enjoy comparing it to that of Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin), however, this comparison is a very poor one seeing as though Nandrolone exhibits different properties than Equipoise and is also a totally different class of compounds (a 19-nor, also known as a progestin). However, many consider Nandrolone and Equipoise to be a solid substitute for one another in any given cycle.

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Equipoise Boldenone Usage

Usage: Inject 300-800mg once a week
Cycle Duration: 12-20 weeks for optimal results
Aromatization: No, but may increase prolactin level and cause gynecomastia. So, use with Caber. 0.5-1 mg twice a week, 8-10 weeks
Post Cycle Therapy: Clomid 100mg/day for 2 weeks, then 50mg/day for another 2 weeks
Stack With: Testosterone Enanthate for muscle mass or Winstrol for lean muscle

Equipoise Boldenone General Information

Boldenone Undecylenate is an injectable anabolic substance initially designed for veterinary use. While it was originally conceived as a longer-lasting alternative to Methandrostenolone, it exhibited distinct pharmacological properties despite their chemical resemblance. Athletes use it to build high-quality, substantial muscles with minimal setbacks. When comparing the effectiveness of Boldenone Undecylenate to Dianabol, the results in terms of muscle volume and strength enhancement are nearly identical. The pharmacological profile of this drug includes:

  • Anabolic activity is 100% of testosterone.
  • Androgenic effect is 50% of the male hormone.
  • Tendency to conversion is minimal.
  • Minimal liver toxicity.
  • Progestin activity is minimal.
  • Half-life of the active agent is 14 days.
  • Toxic impact on the liver is nonexistent.
  • Washout period of the active agent from the body is 4-5 months.
In recent times, Boldenone is manufactured in various forms, not just as undecylenate, but also as propionate and acetate. These different versions of the steroid have the same effects, with the only variation being in the duration of the release of the active ingredient.

Equipoise Boldenone Benefits

Athletes who use Boldenone typically experience gradual yet high-quality muscle growth. This delayed effect can be attributed to the long undecylenate ester binding to the anabolic drug molecule, resulting in a slow and steady increase in muscle volume during the cycle. This prolonged impact affects the duration of steroid usage. The drug is used to achieve several beneficial effects, including:

  • Muscle mass increase: Muscles develop slowly but are of high quality, with minimal setbacks after the cycle. When using Boldenone propionate or acetate, muscle hypertrophy occurs more rapidly..
  • Improved strength performance.
  • Enhanced appetite.
  • Increased red blood cell count: Elevated red blood cell levels provide muscle fibers with more oxygen, enhancing muscle performance and reducing lactic acid formation.
  • Enhanced athlete endurance: Boldenone can be employed by endurance-focused athletes such as track and field competitors, skiers, and others.
Boldenone is often compared to another anabolic steroid, Nandrolone. However, this comparison is inappropriate because these drugs have distinct effects on an athlete's body, with Boldenone being more closely related to testosterone.

Equipoise Boldenone Possible Side Effects

When comparing Boldenone to testosterone, it exhibits approximately half the tendency to convert into female sex hormones. Athletes typically do not experience estrogen-related adverse reactions during the cycle, such as:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Swelling
  • High blood pressure

As a result, there is often no need to take antiestrogens while using Boldenone. The negative effects of this steroid include:

  • Suppressed natural testosterone production
  • Virilization symptoms in women, including a deeper voice and increased body hair

Boldenone is characterized by low androgenic activity, making it suitable for use by women. The occurrence of virilization signs in females is relatively rare compared to other anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). Boldenone is an injectable steroid that can be used in female bodybuilding without significant health risks.

In men, Boldenone typically does not lead to androgenic adverse reactions such as:

  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Prostate hypertrophy

Therefore, there is generally no immediate need for aromatase inhibitors during the cycle. Using drugs like Femara (Letrozole) can exacerbate the situation by reducing estrogen levels to almost zero, which can negatively affect overall health. To restore normal testosterone production after the cycle, it is advisable to use an appropriate post-cycle therapy (PCT).

Equipoise Boldenone Other Information

For a solo cycle with Boldenone, the typical duration is 8-10 weeks. Men should administer injections once a week in the range of 400-800 mg, while female athletes should use a weekly dosage of 50-100 mg.

It is advisable to commence the steroid's usage at lower dosages and gradually increase if needed. Following the completion of the cycle, post-cycle therapy should be initiated approximately two weeks later to restore the production of the natural male sex hormone. This can be accomplished using antiestrogens like Clomid or Nolvadex. The antiestrogen dosages should be determined based on the mildest drug cycle, but in some cases, moderate Boldenone dosages during a solo cycle may not require the use of antiestrogens.

Combining Boldenone with other substances in a cycle depends on the specific fitness goal. For cutting purposes, it can be paired with Winstrol or Anavar, while for muscle gain cycles, testosterone or Trenbolone are common choices. Combining Boldenone with testosterone can significantly reduce the body's natural male hormone concentration, so the duration of such combinations should be limited to around 6 weeks.

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